Preventing Homelessness & Rough Sleeping Strategy 2019-2024

Closes 7 Jan 2019

Opened 5 Nov 2018

Results expected 31 Jan 2019

Feedback expected 31 Jan 2019


Since Winchester City Council's last Preventing Homelessness Strategy was published there have been many successes in meeting its aims and objectives. We are now reviewing these outcomes and setting our vision and priorities for the next 5 year strategy.

The Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 has presented Local Authorities with one of the biggest change to legislation in 30 years. Homelessness has increased at a national level and we therefore need to review current systems to ensure that there are viable housing options for all.  

The new Preventing Homelessness & Rough Sleeping Strategy 2019-2024 will set out the commitment of both WCC and partners to meet the vision: 'Everyone in the district will receive meaningful advice to prevent and relieve homelessness and have access to services to ensure that no one needs to sleep rough'.

Why We Are Consulting

Having completed a homelessness review we have:

  • an indication of the level of homelessness in the district,
  • the activities that are being carried out to prevent homelessness,
  • the support currently available to those homeless or at risk of homelessness and
  • the resources that are currently available to support homelessness prevention.

Based on this information, we have identified 4 key priorities that we will endeavour to achieve throughout the next strategy period. We would like to hear the views of partner agencies, those with lived experience and members of the public to see if these priorities align with the views of the district.

It is a legal requirement that we consult before producing a new homelessness strategy and we will provide feedback once the consultation closes, the consultation outcomes will feed in to the strategy.

Give Us Your Views


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