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We asked

We asked for comments in relation to the proposed extension of the operational time of the existing pedestrian and cycle zone at the locations details below (currently operating at weekends from 10am Saturday to midnight Sunday) to include Monday to Friday 6pm to 10pm.

  1. Great Minster Street from the boundary of no. 6 and no. 7 Great Minster Street to its junction with The Square.
  2. The Square from its junction with Great Minster Street to a point 79 metres north-west of its junction with Market Street (including the hammerhead but not The Square Service Spur)

In order to facilitate this, the following provisions were also proposed to be extended to include Monday to Friday 6pm to 10pm: -

  • Prohibition of Driving restriction at the northern end of Great Minster Street (from 6 Great Minster Street) and the western end of The Square (currently 10am on Saturday to midnight Sunday only).
  • no waiting and no loading restrictions as follows:
    • At The Square, north from a point 60 metres north-west of its junction with Market Street to a point 70 metres north-west of the junction (currently Saturday 10am and midnight, Sunday at any time only).
    • At The Square, south from a point 37 metres east of its junction with Great Minster Street to a point 59 metres west of its junction with Market Street (currently Saturday and Sunday at any time only)
    • Goods vehicle loading only at The Square, north from a point 60 metres north-west of its junction with Market Street to a point 70 metres north-west of the junction (currently Saturday 6am to 10am only)
    • Loading only at The Square, south from a point 16 metres west of its junction with Market Street to a point 32 metres west of that junction (currently Saturday to Sunday 8am to 6pm only and pay and display parking available Monday to Friday 8am-6pm, max stay 1 hour no return within 2 hours)

A further minor amendment was also proposed to The Hampshire (Various Roads, Winchester) (Parking Places and Restriction of Waiting) (Controlled Zone) (Consolidation) Order 2010 as amended to rename “Schedule 3A” as inserted by Variation Number 52 to “Schedule 3AA”.

You said

We received 1 response to the consultation.

We did

The representation has been carefully considered and responded to directly. The traffic regulation orders were made on the 29th March 2023 and come into operation on 30th May 2023. A copy of the made orders and Notice of Making can be found at the bottom of this page.

A copy of the decision report can be found using the link below –

Decision - Traffic Regulation Order -The Square, Winchester Proposed evening extension to Weekend pedestrian and cycle zone 2023 - Winchester City Council

We asked

We asked for comments in relation to proposed amendments to parking restrictions in Bishops Waltham (set out below).

The effect of this order will be to introduce waiting restrictions in several locations in Bishops Waltham

  1. in the roads surrounding the Infant and Junior Schools
  2. changes to some of the parking restrictions on the High Street
  3. introduce no waiting at any time restrictions at the junction of The Avenue and Winchester Road B2177.
  1. Infant and Junior Schools will prohibit parking:
  • at junctions on Oak Road, Oak Road Spur, Pine Road, Elm Road, Willow Road
  • on the bend in Oak Road and on the southern section of Pine Road
  • in Oak Road and Pine Road Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm
  • formalise the no stopping restriction by the Infant School vehicle access Monday - Friday 8am – 5pm
  1. High Street proposals will introduce:
  • parking bays (a disabled bay, a 20 minute limited waiting bay, a goods vehicle loading bay) on the western side at the top (one way southwards section)
  • a disabled bay in the existing 30 minute limited waiting bays, on the eastern side of the road, at the bottom (St Georges St end)
  • a no loading at any time restriction from Bank Street to a point approximately 13 metres south of Cross Street, and into Cross Street to keep the junctions clear of obstruction.
  1. The Avenue proposals will prohibit parking at the junction with Winchester Road.


You said

We received 51 comments were received – 31 in support, 19 objections and 1 objection and support.

We did

All representations have been carefully considered. The proposed restrictions were amended in light of comments received, as explained in the Decision Record. The Order was Made on the 8th February 2023 and comes in to operation on 27th February 2023. The Order can be viewed on our website -


We asked

  1. Do you have any comments on the Landscape Character Areas?
  2. Have we missed anything? If so, please state section and page number.

You said

  • Suggested amendments in relation to impacts upon the SDNP
  • Specific amendments within Soberton & Newton Parish relating to hedges, ponds, wildlife, health & well-being
  • Plant trees – areas to be identified/allocated
  • Ensure recreation grounds within Colden Common are named correctly
  • Extend the SDNP boundary further west
  • Requests relating to specific fields, re-wilding projects, specific areas for development, water suppliers, road concerns
  • Refer to Special Protection Areas as a small section of the designated River Hamble lies within the area

We did

  • Key issues to be updated in character areas adjacent to SDNP
  • These points will be incorporated
  • This document is not an action plan, it is an assessment of the character of the landscape
  • This will be amended
  • Not appropriate for this document
  • Not appropriate for this document however should be explored further through relevant village design statements and neighbourhood plans
  • To be included