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We're committed to involving people in decisions that affect them, and value their input in planning, delivering and evaluating services.The Council is keen to make it easier for you to have your say on the decisions that affect you.

Consultations provide you with an opportunity to have your say. They also help us to find out what you think and to understand your priorities and concerns. 

Your participation makes a difference.

Open Consultations

Closed Consultations

  • Winchester District Sports Awards 2019

    Winchester District Sports Awards 2019 - Feedback More

    Closed 10 March 2020

  • Winchester City Council Call For Sites 2020

    The Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) is a technical document which provides information on sites; submitted by Landowners and Agents, for potential housing, economic development, Gypsy and Travelling Showpeople, Self Build housing etc. The SHELAA only... More

    Closed 2 March 2020

  • Central Winchester Regeneration Open Forum - February 2020

    We’re giving you the opportunity to become more involved with the Central Winchester Regeneration project. The second Central Winchester Regeneration Open Forum took place on Monday 17 February, the aim of which was to give residents and others the opportunity to engage with and comment... More

    Closed 23 February 2020

  • Tenant Conference

    Winchester City Council holds a Tenant Conference every two years at the Guildhall in Winchester with presentations, workshops and other activities for tenants and members of their household. The next event is scheduled for 16th May 2020. It offers Winchester City Council tenants a chance to find... More

    Closed 7 February 2020

  • Parking and Access Strategy 2020

    Winchester City Council is seeking views on its draft Parking and Access Strategy. The aim of the strategy is to prioritise our commitment to tackling the climate emergency; create a greener district; and sustain a vibrant local economy. The Parking and Access Strategy sets out a... More

    Closed 6 February 2020

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We Asked

Winchester City Council has to set its budget and agree the Medium Term Financial Strategy in February 2020, and we invited you to have your say. 

The proposals being considered for the Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) focus on generating the income that is essential to balance the budget but a small number of potential areas for cost saving are also included. There are also specific questions regarding proposed changes to parking arrangements.

You Said

The Council received over 3,000 comments from 610 respondents.

585 were individual responses, 5 responses were made on behalf of organisations and 20 respondents preferred not to answer or did not answer the question. 606 responses were submitted online and four were received via letter/email.


We Did

The responses were collated and the findings reviewed at the City Council’s Cabinet Meeting on January 22 and then the budget will be considered at the Full Council Meeting on 26 February 2020.

Please click here to see a summary of the comments.

We Asked

If you supported the five priorities set out in Winchester City Council’s proposed Plan for 2020 -2025. The five priorities are:

  1. Tackling the climate emergency and creating a greener district
  2. Homes for all
  3. Vibrant local economy
  4. Living well
  5. Your services. Your voice

You Said

For each of the five priorities there was positive support for the Council Plan.




Not Answered

Tackling the climate emergency and creating a greener district




Home for all




Vibrant local economy




Living well




Your services. Your voice




We Did

The Council received over 550 comments from the 126 respondents and took these into consideration before recommending the final version of the Council Plan for adoption.

The updated Council Plan will be presented to the Cabinet on 23 December and Full Council on 15 January 2020 for adoption.

Below are full lists of the comments received for each priority.

Climate emergency

Homes for all

Vibrant local economy

Living well

Your services. Your voice

We Asked

We asked tenants and leaseholders questions to better understand their perspective in relation to fire safety in their homes.

You Said

In total we had 458 responses.

For general needs tenants as a whole group, the location of exit routes (26%) and number of exits routes (15%) are by far the areas of most concern when it comes to what makes tenants feel unsafe in their homes. This is mirrored for sheltered tenants with the location of exit routes and number of exits routes both getting 24%. Leaseholders’ area of greatest concern is residents’ personal belongings being left on landing or communal spaces (22%).

A large number of respondents selected that they felt neither satisfied nor unsatisfied with the information provided by Winchester City Council. When looking at the free text responses following this question 49 stated they did not recall ever receiving any information. While this is not a definitive reason for the ‘neither’ responses it may explain to some extent.

For all tenant and leaseholder groups the preferred methods of receiving advice is either via a housing e-newsletter or postal.


We Did

This survey is just one part of what is a very large project looking into fire safety procedures for all of the Council’s housing. The project is ongoing and will eventually result in an updated Fire Safety Strategy, a Fire Safety Engagement Strategy for residents and clearer information and advice on how to stay safe.

It may be a while before you see any changes, but rest assured that a lot of work is going on.

The consultation stage is moving on and we will soon be holding tenant focus groups to look into specific aspects of fire safety, If you ticked you would like to take part in a focus group keep an eye out for emails asking for your availability.

A major part of this project is looking into what, if any, information is provided to tenants and leaseholders. We are reviewing all fire safety publications and how these are communicated to tenants and leaseholders. We have taken onboard that the majority of you would like to receive information either via the housing e-newsletter or postal and are looking into how this will be managed.

A large number of you said the location of exit routes and numbers of exit routes are a concern. This will be considered by a Project Group. Fire signage in all blocks is also in the process of being looked at.

Housing officers will be making residents aware of the importance of fire safety procedures, for example, keeping hall ways clear.

The free text responses of the survey are still be analysed and where appropriate the information provided has been forwarded on to relevant managers for further investigation.