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We're committed to involving people in decisions that affect them, and value their input in planning, delivering and evaluating services.The Council is keen to make it easier for you to have your say on the decisions that affect you.

Consultations provide you with an opportunity to have your say. They also help us to find out what you think and to understand your priorities and concerns. 

Your participation makes a difference.

Open Consultations
Winnall Flats Garage Stock Condition Survey
Winnall Manor Road Play Area Consultation
Environmental Service: Joint Waste 2nd Phase Consultation
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Closed Consultations
New Homes Tenant Survey Form - Stanmore - New Queens Gate
Traveller Local Plan - Initial Consultation
Statement of Community Involvement Refresh
Review of Licensing Policy (Taxi & Private Hire)
Tourism Marketing Survey
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We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We Asked

Your preferred methods of engagement and communication in relation to planning policy issues and for planning applications.

You Said

A total of 159 responses were received (157 on line and 2 by paper).

When asked how you would like to be informed of new planning policies, new planning applications and how to be made aware of decisions on applications, the majority of people expressed a preference for being notified by email.

In responses to the questions on how best to participate in planning policy issues and how developers should consult with communities regarding their proposals, a variety of responses were received.

Further analysis of this survey is being undertaken which will provide more detail on the range of answers to each question.  The written comments provided in response to a number of the questions are also being collated and considered/assessed

We Did

The results of this survey are helping to inform the current update of the SCI.  Public consultation will be undertaken on the refreshed SCI when the draft is published later this year.  Further  information from the survey will be included as part of this process.

We Asked

If you supported the council's proposals for the following 5 outcomes.

  1. Delivering Quality Housing Options
  2. Winchester will be a premier business location
  3. Delivering an Entrepreneurial approach to efficient public services
  4. Improving the health and happiness of our community
  5. Improving the quality of the district’s environment

You Said

For each of the 5 outcomes there was positive support for the Council policy.




No Answer









Public Services













We Did

There were over 1,200 comments from the 404 respondents and we are now analysing this information in more detail. A full report will be presented to the Council Cabinet and made available to the public.

We Asked

We asked for your comments and views on the initial proposals for The Valley, Stanmore. 

You Said

Thank you for your feedback. You can view the consultation responses on the related documents section of this page and on our website here

We Did

After the first consultation we incorporated feedback where possible and presented detailed drawings to the public on 01 November 2016. 

The planning application has now been made. To view and comment, please click here