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We're committed to involving people in decisions that affect them, and value their input in planning, delivering and evaluating services.The Council is keen to make it easier for you to have your say on the decisions that affect you.

Consultations provide you with an opportunity to have your say. They also help us to find out what you think and to understand your priorities and concerns. 

Your participation makes a difference.

Open Consultations

  • King George V Park Plan

    Winchester City Council is producing a Park Plan for King George V Playing Fields in Highcliffe to coordinate a number of planned improvements to the site including a new sports pavilion, a new play area, a spray concrete skate park as well as consideration of the site as a whole. More

    Closes 11 March 2021

  • Digital Winchester - gathering evidence

    Access to high quality digital services has been playing a rapidly growing and critical role in the economic health and the resilience of the District for many years. With the COVID-19 pandemic the ability to embrace digital technology has become even more vital. With this in mind Winchester... More

    Closes 31 March 2021

  • Digital Winchester

    Access to high quality digital services has been playing a rapidly growing and critical role in the economic health and the resilience of the District for many years. With the Covid-19 pandemic the ability to embrace digital technology has become even more vital. With this in mind... More

    Closes 31 March 2021

  • Winchester City Council Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document

    Under its environmental duties set down with the Environment Act 1995, Winchester City Council declared an Air Quality Management Area back in 2003. Although there has been a steady improvement, air quality remains an issue of concern in the city. I n 2017 the Council adopted a... More

    Closes 12 April 2021

  • Integrated Impact Assessment

    We are required by law to undertake a number of assessments at all stages throughout the Local Plan making process. We are doing these as an Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) which will include a Sustainability Assessment (SA), a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) a Habitats Regulations... More

    Closes 12 April 2021

  • Winchester City Council Local Plan - Strategic Issues & Priorities Consultation

    Consultation on the Strategic Issues and Priorities document is an invitation for you to become involved in the next important stage of a conversation about our new Local Plan. The decisions made through the Local Plan will be of strategic importance for the district over the next 15 years... More

    Closes 12 April 2021

  • Winchester City Council Call For Sites 2021

    Winchester City Council has launched its new Local Plan which will set the framework for future planning decisions in the District to 2038. As part of this process we are undertaking a new “Call for Sites” to help to identify land that could help to deliver a variety of accommodation and... More

    Closes 12 April 2021

  • Local Plan Virtual Event: Feedback

    Thank you for attending our vitual engagement event. We hope you found it useful and enjoyed hearing about all the things we’ve been busy working on in relation to the local plan. We would be grateful if you could answer a few questions to give us some feedback about the event(s) –... More

    Closes 12 April 2021

  • Carbon Literacy Training Feedback

    Please give us your feedback on the recent Carbon Literacy Training you received. More

    Closes 31 December 2022

Closed Consultations

  • Visit Winchester advertising consultation 2021

    Visit Winchester is the official destination management organisation for the Winchester district. Part of Winchester City Council and together with Winchester Visitor Information Centre, our mission is to promote the Winchester district to visitors and locals alike. We are... More

    Closed 5 March 2021

  • Winchester City Council Budget/Medium Term Financial Strategy 2021/22

    Each year all local authorities are required to publish a budget setting out how they will fund the services they provide or activities they support. Whilst Winchester City Council set out a “fully funded” budget in February 2020, the impact of COVID-19 has seen significant additional... More

    Closed 15 January 2021

  • Central Winchester Regeneration Development Proposals

    Winchester City Council is consulting on development proposals for the Central Winchester Regeneration area. The development proposals have been prepared by Winchester City Council, working with our advisors JLL and Arup, to set out plans for taking forward the future development of the... More

    Closed 12 January 2021

  • Ground Floor Preference

    Winchester City Council are considering introducing a new policy relating to the allocation of ground floor accommodation through the Hampshire Home Choice housing register. This would mean that when we allocate bungalows and ground floor maisonettes and flats we would give... More

    Closed 10 January 2021

  • Free Street and Shore Lane TRO

    Winchester City Council as agents for Hampshire County Council proposes making a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) in Bishop's Waltham. The effect of this order will be to introduce no waiting restrictions along Free Street and Shore Lane, and bring the Traffic Regulation Order in line with... More

    Closed 6 January 2021

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

We asked for comments in relation to the proposed new parking restrictions along Bluebell Way, Whiteley. Double Yellow Lines were proposed along the majority of Bluebell Way with some strategic gaps lefts for parking provision. The restrictions are required to prevent obstruction, to maintain the free-flow of traffic and to improve visibility and road safety.

You said

We received 17 responses to the consultation – 5 supporting, 4 objecting and 8 supporting subject to modifications.

We did

All representations have been carefully considered and the Traffic Regulation Order is a balance between maintaining parking provision with improving access and safety. The Order was Made on the 4th February 2021 and comes in to operation on 17th February 2021. The Order can be viewed on our website -  


A copy of the decision report can be found using the link below https://democracy.winchester.gov.uk/ieDecisionDetails.aspx?ID=772

We asked

This survey was to explore further what tenants told us in the 2019 Tenants Satisfaction Survey about how the ‘Tenant Conference’ can be improved. 

You said

There is a fairly even split between those tenants who had heard of the tenant conference before receiving the survey (52%) and those who hadn’t (48%).

Estate improvements is by far the most popular topic tenants want to hear about at the Conference (47%), with a further 4 suggestions in the free text box. This was followed by fire safety (21%) and Climate Change (19%). Although there were a further 8 suggestions around the topic of climate emergency in the free text box. There were 12 free text comments around the topic of parking and 11 on the broad subject of Repairs and Maintenance.

When asked to explain their ‘other’ response to not being interested in attending 14 people commented that they would not be able to attend due to work commitments, 11 comments were due to personal circumstances including caring responsibilities and 11 comments were saying they felt it would be a waste of their time.

39% of respondents didn’t know they could get help with transport, but now knowing this they would be more likely to attend, and 12% of respondents said they didn’t know there is entertainment for children and now knowing this they are more likely to attend.

We did

Unfortunately due to the restrictions in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 the event that was planned for May 2020 has been postponed. Check out our website for any updated information. 

We asked

Winchester City Council has to set its budget and agree the Medium Term Financial Strategy in February 2020, and we invited you to have your say. 

The proposals being considered for the Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) focus on generating the income that is essential to balance the budget but a small number of potential areas for cost saving are also included. There are also specific questions regarding proposed changes to parking arrangements.

You said

The Council received over 3,000 comments from 610 respondents.

585 were individual responses, 5 responses were made on behalf of organisations and 20 respondents preferred not to answer or did not answer the question. 606 responses were submitted online and four were received via letter/email.


We did

The responses were collated and the findings reviewed at the City Council’s Cabinet Meeting on January 22 and then the budget will be considered at the Full Council Meeting on 26 February 2020.

Please click here to see a summary of the comments.