Heating Systems

Closed 12 Dec 2022

Opened 25 Nov 2022


90% of council homes have a gas-fired heating system. Whilst gas-fired systems have always been expensive to maintain, these systems have been the tenants preferred choice over the last few decades because they are relatively easy of use, have comparatively low running costs and the systems are highly responsive (short warm up time).

The council has declared a climate emergency, and both nationally and internationally there is now a far greater drive to reduce energy demand and carbon emissions. To this end, there is a growing need and urgency to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels (gas; coal; wood; oil) and to replace our existing gas-fired heating systems with lower carbon alternatives.    

Winchester City Council is interested in your views on replacement heating systems, and therefore we would like to invite you to complete the following survey. The survey results will be used to help shape and inform the discussions surrounding replacement heating systems in council homes.

As council housing tenants, you are also being given the opportunity to join a new heating systems working party so that you can directly voice your comments, concerns and suggestions.         


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