Chiltern Court, Alresford - Estate Improvements Proposal

Closed 30 Jun 2020

Opened 9 Jun 2020


As part of our Estate Improvement Programme, Winchester City Council is consulting with the residents of Chiltern Court on options to provide additional communal parking.

Why We Are Consulting

Although there is some parking provision on site, it is no longer sufficient for the number of vehicles owned and used by residents.  The access road is narrow and is often obstructed with vehicles.  The surface to the existing car park is uneven and would benefit from resurfacing.

In December 2019 we consulted with residents regarding the lack of parking provision and provided plans showing what could potentially be achieved by revising the current layout. These were outline proposals and we asked for feedback. 

The feedback received was really helpful in considering how the proposal should move forward.  Of those that returned their forms, all residents were in agreement that although additional parking bays were required, they wished for the grassed area to be  retained.

Based on this feedback we have drawn up plans providing options of how we can overcome these issues.

At present there is space for 6 vehicles in the car park area off Oak Hill; our proposal is to create an additional 12 bays in this area.  There is space for 2 vehicles at the front of Chiltern Court, off Searles Close; we propose creating an additional 2 bays here.

The existing washing area is no longer used for this purpose, and is generally used as a bin store.  As per the proposal, this area is identified to be replaced with parking bays, so we need to find an alternative location to store bins more appropriately. 

Our intention is to remove some of the bins from site and replace with larger capacity communal bins, which would be stored in a designated bin store near the entrance to the site.

The proposed options

Oak Hill car park


Searles Close car park


Please see attached document outlining our proposal in more detail.

What Happens Next

This consultation closed on Tuesday 30th June 2020.

The responses will now be reviewed and a proposal agreed based on the most preferred option.  We will contact the residents of Chiltern Court informing them of an approved Plan, in due course.

At this stage, we are unable to specify exactly when this work will take place, but we will keep you informed of developments as they occur.


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