The Broadway Market TRO (experimental)

Closes 4 Feb 2022

Opened 4 Aug 2021


The Winchester City Council (Prohibition of Vehicles) (The Broadway and Colebrook Street, Winchester) Experimental Order 2021

Winchester City Council has made the above Experimental Traffic Regulation Order.

The affect of this Order is:

1. The general effect of the Order will be as an experiment, to introduce a

Prohibition of Vehicles on Sunday between 6am-7pm, to enable Sunday

Markets to be held on the Broadway, at the following locations:

a. The Broadway between the entrance to the Bus Station and its junction

with Colebrook Street.

b. Colebrook Street between its junction with The Broadway and its

junction with Market Lane.

2. During the Prohibition of Vehicles mentioned above, the following exemptions will be allowed:

a. Market traders will be allowed access for loading and unloading.

b. Larger vehicles requiring access for deliveries to be escorted through the closed area.

c. Access to the bus station and for emergency vehicles will be maintained


This Order will come into effect on 15th August 2021.

The Order is to be on an experimental basis for a maximum period of 18 months and Winchester City Council will in due course consider whether the provisions of the Order should continue in force indefinitely by means of a permanent Order. As this is an experimental Order, the consultation will be open for 6 months.

Please note that the Sunday Market has been operating in this location since August 2020 under a temporary traffic regulation order introduced under Covid legalisation. The proposed Experimental Traffic Order will mirror these arrangements which have worked successfully over this period of time and will enable comments to be made during the process prior to the arrangements being modified, if required, and or made permanent. 

The documents associated with this Experimental TRO can be found at the bottom of this page.

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