ePanel August 2015

Closed 20 Oct 2015

Opened 29 Sep 2015

Feedback updated 5 Nov 2015

We asked

For information about what made an area good to live in and what needed improving in your area.

You said

Issues that ranked high as both what 'made an area good live in' and also 'needed improvement' were "The levels of traffic congestion", "the provision of affordable housing" and "the provision of public transport".

We did

The Council constantly reviews its services and will use these results to help determine its priorities. Where we are not directly responsible for a particular service we will use these results to lobby for improvements.

Results updated 4 Mar 2016

The results of the survey have been combined in a scatter plot chart to give a visual representation of what residents perceive amakes a place somewhere 'good' to live and which of those attributes they beleive need improving.



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