Winchester District Local Plan 2019-2039: Regulation 18 Consultation

Closed 14 Dec 2022

Opened 2 Nov 2022

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What is a Local Plan?

The Local Plan is the long-term plan for the Winchester District until 2039, outside the South Downs National Park. The Local Plan addresses a range of matters: the climate emergency, the highest standards possible for environmental design for homes and for commercial development, affordable housing, low carbon methods of transport and the natural and historic environment.  

This local plan is a significant change to our previous plan and it has addressed some major challenges:

  • The biggest challenge of all is climate change and this draft plan is setting the highest possible standards for environmental design for homes and commercial development and ensure that climate change and adaption are a central issue for the local plan. 
  • The plan takes a new approach to affordable housing targets – replacing an expectation for affordable housing with a requirement for truly affordable homes that developers must achieve.
  • The plan takes the approach of ‘brownfield first’ – both in prioritising the use of previously developed land over green fields, but also in the phasing of development.

Why your views matter

We have prepared a regulation 18 draft local plan and we want to know what your views. We have used the feedback received from our Strategic Issues and Priorities consultation to help shape the content of this plan.

We strongly recommend that you read the draft Local Plan before you submit a response to this consultation.  The local plan website includes the evidence base that has helped to inform the preparation of the plan, a summary of the topics in the local plan and links to the meetings that have taken place to discuss the local plan 

Why should I submit my comments via citizenspace?

It is extremely important that we accurately attribute any comments that we do receive to the correct policy, allocation or section of the Local Plan which is the main reason why we are encouraging people to submit their comments on citizenspace to ensure that this happens.

How to use citizenspace for this consultation?

Please watch this video to find out more about how to respond to this consultation using citizenspace.     



You do not need to complete the survey all in one go – if you would like to start it but then come back to it at a later stage, the system gives you the option to save your answers and will email you with a link for you to come back and finish it later.

The 6 week public consultation closes 23:59 hours on Wednesday 14th December 2022 so please remember to submit your comments before the deadline. 

After the consultation has closed, we will then carefully analyse all the responses that we have received.  We will use your responses to update the plan where applicable and then reported the updated version to councillors.  We will then publish the final draft local plan for a further 6 week consultation (to make sure that people have the opportunity to comment on any amendments to plan) before it is submitted to an independent planning inspector who will then be responsible for arranging a local plan examination.  If you would like to see the timetable for adopting the local plan please click on this link Local Development Scheme 2021 and Local Plan Action Plan - Winchester City Council



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