Estate Improvement - Pemerton Road, Weeke (additional parking)

Closed 26 Feb 2016

Opened 15 Jan 2016

Results expected 29 Feb 2016

Feedback expected 1 Mar 2016


This consultation is for the residents of Pemerton Road, Weeke, regarding making improvements to the current parking provision in the street.

Why your views matter

The road is narrow and is often obstructed with vehicles parking on-street.  Although there is parking at the end of the road, it is not sufficient for the number of vehicles that need to park here.  It is important that some improvements are made to ensure that vehicles can move freely and safely along the road, without obstruction.

What happens next

When a majority consensus has been reached the proposed works will be put out to tender so that the scheme can be delivered.  No works will take place until the majority of residents are happy with the proposals put forward.


  • St Barnabas


  • Local Residents


  • Transport
  • Social Housing
  • Parking