Winchester Various Traffic Regulation Order

Closed 19 Apr 2023

Opened 8 Mar 2023


Winchester City Council as agents for Hampshire County Council proposes to make a traffic regulation order. The proposed Order is required to improve visibility and road safety.

The effect of this order will be to introduce or amend restrictions at the following locations :

  1. Moorside Road – Introduce no waiting at any time near bends
  2. Marnhull Rise – Introduce no waiting between 8am – 10pm Monday - Saturday
  3. Taplings Road – Change approximately 5 car lengths of existing permit bay to no waiting at any time
  4. Sleepers Delle Gardens – Change permit bays in turning head to no waiting at any time
  5. Cripstead Lane – Relocate 3 residents parking bays into new layby, and change existing single yellow line by garage to no waiting at any time
  6. Park Avenue – Replace 3 car lengths of existing permit bays with electric vehicles only charging bays

Links to the consultation documents can be found at the bottom of this page.

Why your views matter

WCC are undertaking a consultation on these proposed new and amended parking restrictions to understand the level of support or objection to the proposal, and provide the opportunity to comment.


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