Buddens Road and Station Road TRO

Closed 22 Oct 2020

Opened 1 Oct 2020

Feedback updated 23 Mar 2021

We asked

We asked for comments in relation to the below proposed amendments to parking restrictions in Wickham:

  • To formalise the existing School Keep Clear markings at the entrance of Wickham Primary School, Buddens Road, Wickham.
  • Remove 2 of the 3 disabled bays on the bend by the school in Buddens Road, Wickham, as they are no longer required, and replace them with no waiting at any time.
  • Remove the disabled bays on Station Road, near its junction with Mill Lane, as they are no longer required, and replace them with no waiting at any time.
  • Bring the Traffic Regulation Order in line with restrictions on street in Buddens Road (junctions with Fareham Road and Station Road) and Tanfield Lane, Wickham.

You said

We received 5 responses to the public consultation – 3 supporting, 1 objecting and 1 general comment. The objection was in relation to the proposed removal of 2 of the existing disabled bays, and their replacement with double yellow lines, on Buddens Road. The objector stated that they would like to see the space left as unrestricted parking bays.

We did

All representations have been carefully considered and the Traffic Regulation Order was amended to leave the spaces on Buddens Road, where the disabled bays were removed, without parking restrictions.

The Order was Made on the 15th March 2021 and comes in to operation on 27th April 2021. The Order can be viewed on our website -  



We are currently consulting on a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for Buddens Road and Station Road in Wickham.

The TRO is to formalise the exisiting 'no stopping in school entrance' markings. This scheme has been requested by the school and suported by local councillors. The purpose of the TRO is to improve safety and pedestrian sight lines on access and egress from the school.

The scheme also proposes to replace the formalised disabled bays on Buddens Road with 'no waiting at any time' (double yellow lines). The residents of adjacent properties are no longer eligible for them  and they bays are positioned on a bend, close to the school entrance. The removal of these bays will improve driver and pedestrian visibility.

The replacement of formalised disabled bays with 'no waiting at any time' (double yellow lines) is proposed on Station Road for saftey reasons.

To view the Plans, Statement of Reasons, the draft Order and other associated document please see documents at the bottom of this page.


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