Affordable housing at land off Burnet Lane, Kings Worthy

Closed 31 Jul 2018

Opened 12 Jul 2018

Results Updated 9 Oct 2018

Winchester City Council held a public consultation event on 12th July 2018 showing fresh proposals for the land off Burnet Lane, known locally as ‘Top Field’.  These proposals outlined the delivery of ten additional affordable homes (in addition to the 25 affordable homes which have outline planning consent as an exception site) which would enable the Council to secure the remainder of the land at ‘Top Field’ in public ownership for the community to enjoy.

The event was well attended by the Kings Worthy community and local Members, with approximately 130 people attending during the four hours. We are grateful to everyone who provided their valuable feedback. A total of 71 responses were received which can be generalised as follows:

  • Support, in some cases dependent on addressing issues raised - 36
  • No strong view expressed to support or object - 20
  • Objection to either the extra ten homes or to any development - 15

Below are a summary document providing further detail and a full transcript of the responses.

A further 17 responses were sent to the Council in the form of emails or letters, which have not been included in the documents below as they did not respond specifically to the questions asked.



The Council is seeking comments on the provision of a small number of additional new homes on an area of land already approved for housing. This would see the remaining significant area of private land transferred into public ownership for a range of possible open space uses.


  • Affordable housing at land off Burnet Lane, Kings Worthy

    From 12 Jul 2018 at 15:00 to 12 Jul 2018 at 18:30

    Early proposals can be viewed at:
    St Mary's Chapel Hall
    Fraser Road
    Kings Worthy
    SO23 7PJ


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