Communal Door Entry System Installation - Lower Brook Street, Central Winchester

Closed 19 Feb 2016

Opened 4 Feb 2016

Results expected 26 Feb 2016

Feedback expected 4 Mar 2016


Further to the consultation conducted in 2015, it has been requested that the matter is re-consulted, to determine if there has been a change in opinion regarding the installation of a door entry system at the scheme.  This is to enable residents to have better control over who is entering the block, and will assist in excluding any unwanted persons from gaining entry.

Why your views matter

Lower Brook Street is the only scheme in central Winchester not to have a door entry system controlling the communal entrance doors.  There have been reports of unwanted visitors to the block, frequenting the communal hallways and landings, causing disturbances and leaving the area untidy.  The installation of a door entry system will assist in deterring unwanted visitors from being able to gain entry to the building.

What happens next

Once the consultaton period has closed, the results will be collated and the residents informed accordngly.


  • St Bartholomew


  • All Residents


  • Social Housing